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Getting Started In God's Word

As you start reading the Bible remember that the goal is not to get through a routine, but to grow in a relationship with God.  Whether you are reading for the first time or looking for a fresh approach, I hope that this information is useful for you.

The YOU VERSION Bible has been installed by over 100 million people worldwide.  Check out this amazing resource with audio Bibles, reading plans, and other features with all of the most popular translations.  Visit or search for it on the App store.
Other Suggestions
·      Listen in the car with an affordable Bible on CD or MP3
·      Buy a children's Bible and read a story together each day as a family
·      Find a friend to follow the same reading plan and encourage each other
 Questions About Which Translation To Use
On Sunday mornings we use the New International Version (NIV).  We also enjoy the English Standard Version (ESV), New Living Translation (NLT), New American Standard (NAS), New King James (NKJV) and several other user friendly versions.
Is the Bible Reliable?  A Self Study Resource
"How To Have A Meaningful Time With God" by Rick Warren
Try a "3-week Bible challenge"--Discover the life of Jesus
Family Life Today
Emails, Resources, and Help For Marriage & Parenting
Other Resources For Growing In Faith

•           Telling Your Story--Help In Writing A Testimony (pdf)

•           The Gift Of Baptism (pdf)

•           Baptisms At Grace Community Booklet  (pdf)

•           What God did just for you (pdf)

•           Why does God allow suffering? (pdf)